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CrossLock™ Stabilizing Catheter

Find out what the CrossLock™ Stabilizing Catheter is and how it can help both patients and doctors

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CrossLock™ Stabilizing Catheter

CrossLock™ is a rapid exchange catheter with a 25 cm distal segment. It passes through any 8F guide and has a 0.055" ID that will accept micro catheters, balloons, stents and lasers.

CrossLock™ Stabilizing Catheter
  • Stability

    CrossLock™ balloon stabilizes and guides the catheter within the vessel for enhanced device control.

  • Atraumatic Balloon

    The soft atraumatic balloon protects against damage to the vessel wall and helps to and guide the catheter within the vessel.

  • Elastomeric Material

    Elastomeric balloon material allows for use in a range of vessel diameters.

  • Compatible

    6F Outer Diameter means the CrossLock™ Stabilizing Catheter is compatible with 8F guide catheters.

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